• Online Casino Games Proven to Improve Cognitive Ability

    11 January 2010


    Science comes to the rescue. According to a study published in the British Science Journal Perception, online gambling increases social activity, improves memory capacity and can also improve a player’s cognitive abilities. It showed that it can also have a beneficial effect on the development of an online player’s brain.

    The study was conducted by Rolf Nelson, a Psychology professor at Wheaton College in Illinois.

    In an attempt to understand the ways in which playing video games affect perception and cognitive abilities, he challenged twenty students with a spatial relation riddle before and after they played an action game and a strategy game. The players of the action game solved the riddle faster, but the students who played the strategy game had much more accurate results. Professor Nelson concluded that cognitive speed can be improved by playing action games and that long term accuracy can be improved by playing strategy and puzzle games.

    This study has the benefit of strengthening the argument that online gaming has mental benefits.