• Have you heard of Kalooki??? if you're skilled... keep reading

    25 October 2007


    Kalooki is one of the fieriest forms of the rummy games variations.

    It is a two deck draw and discard game with jokers.

    You get 13 cards in your hand and you have to meld the cards into melds (series) of sets or runs. The goal of the game is to have the sum of all your melds equal 51 – and this is the condition to lay down the cards.

    Of course the jokers add in to this exciting game. You can learn it in 2 minutes but it will take you time to master it. Some call Kalooki the “Texas Hold’em” of rummy games.

    If you get that sizzling feeling on the top of your fingers – come play a game that will definetily challenge you – and the players you play with :-)

    Come join us at Royal Rummy

    cya at the tables