• Vegas Technologies Island Progressive Poker Game

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    Island Progressive Poker is your basic Caribbean Stud Poker game but you have an option to place a side bet to play for the progressive jackpot. Once you've placed your bet on the table, the progressive slot will light up. If you want to play for the progressive jackpot, place a $1 side bet here.

    You are dealt 5 cards up and the dealer is dealt 1 card up, 4 cards down. If your hand contains at least an Ace-King, the game will show you the possible winning combination and payout. If not, it will tell you no hand.

    The dealer's hand has to have at least the Ace-King combination to qualify to win the game. Best hand wins. It's pretty simple. The trick in this game is the qualifier. If you are dealt 5 cards with no winning combinations, you can fold or you can choose to play and hope the dealer hand does not qualify, in which case you win the hand. If you fold, you lose your ante.

    The progressive side bet pays out on winning combinations no matter who wins the actual hand. The payout for the progressive is on the table. A royal flush wins 100% of the progressive pot.