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Casino War is you playing against the Dealer and both of you are dealt one card each. You win if your card is higher than the Dealer's. It's War! In online War you have the option to raise your original bet if you tie the dealer for a "War" showdown.

The War game online wagering gives players a few chip amounts for their bets; $1, $5, $100 and $500, with a minimum bet of $1 per game, up to a maximum of $500 per game.

Playing War, if your card and the dealer card are the same, you have two choices:

  • Fold...
  • Or Go to War!

If you fold, half of your original bet is returned. If you go to war, you re-ante the amount of your original bet and you and the dealer are at War:

  • The Player and Dealer each receive 3 cards face down and the 4th card face up.
  • If player's card has the highest value; player wins the ante and the raise bet.
  • If player's card is lower; player loses the total bet.
  • If it's a tie; then player wins the ante bet and the raise amount is a push.

Casino War online is one game I didn't have to read the rules to figure out how to play. It's the same game I played when I was young. It doesn't take any thought, just a lot of luck!

By GamesAndCasino