Let Them Ride Poker

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Let Them Ride poker is basically one hand of online poker played in three betting stages between the dealer and player, with a bonus bet option. Vegas Technology software plays the betting stages in reverse order of what I'm used to, but the outcome is still the same.

Let Them Ride online poker wagering lets you choose from four chip sizes; $1, $5, $25 and $100. Let Them Ride poker game's minimum bet is $1 and the max is $400.

You can also make a bonus bet in Let Them Ride Poker game. The Bonus Bet Slot will light up after you've made your table bet. The cost is $1 and is good for one game. The bonus game is a side bet that you will get 3 of a kind or better on the hand. The payout rates for the bonus game are available on the game table.

To start Let Them Ride poker game, you place a bet on the table, and then the bonus bet, if you wish to try for extra coins. Next, you are dealt 3 cards face up and the dealer 2 cards face down. Action is now on your hand.

Based on those three cards and the pay table, you decide if the 3 cards you are looking at have or could produce a pair of 10's or better, which is the lowest paying combination.

If so, place another bet the same value as the first. If not, fold that ante stage.

The next play is the third ante stage and play is on the dealer cards. One card is turned over and again you decide if you want to up the ante. If so, call and the third bet will be placed on the table. If not, fold and the game will complete based on the bets on table at that time.

A Let Them Ride Poker payout is made if the total of the 5 cards contains a pair of 10's or better. The pay table is on the board for easy reference.

While playing Let Them Ride online poker, it took me a few seconds to re-adjust to the betting stages, but it's still the basic Let 'Em Ride game and rules. It keeps you on your toes and sometimes, change is a good thing!

By GamesAndCasino