10 High Hold'em Poker

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Ten High Hold'em Poker has been taken to a new level of Texas Hold'em poker through Vegas Technology software. In this game, there is a $2 side bet with a bonus payout for winning combinations using the 10 card.

The 10 High Hold'em online poker game is played with a 52 card deck with no wild cards. The bonus "10" game is independent of the outcome of the poker hand and the pay table is shown on the table surface for easy reference.

To start 10 High Hold'em Poker, two cards are dealt face down to you and the dealer then turned over. The top card of the deck is burned and the dealer then deals the next 3 cards face up (the flop) across the middle of the table.

Another card is burned and one more card (the turn) is dealt on the table. The dealer burns another card and then deals the last card (the river) on the table.

These 5 cards in the middle of the 10 High Hold'em Poker table are community cards and are used by all players with their hole cards in making the highest winning combinations. Bets are raised after each phase of play (flop, turn, river).

I refer to 10 High Hold'em online poker as hold'em with a 10-twist, and do fairly well with the "10" side bets.

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