• Sit 'n go at Fair Poker!

    29 August 2005


    Go Fish!

    If you looking for a place to “fish”, some of the tables at Fair Poker are excellent hunting grounds. This provides an added incentive for advanced poker players with better poker skills.
    The sign-up bonus is excellent and easy to clear, 25% up to $100. Also, every month a $25,000 guaranteed tournament is offered, Sundays offer a $10,000 guarantee and Saturday a $7500 guarantee!
    Daily at Fair Poker is a wide range of online poker tournaments with entries as low as $1. Free-rolls are also offered daily with NO raked hand requirements! You can find action all through the day at Fair Poker.
    All in all, Fair Poker
    is by far one of the best poker playing experiences you can have.

    “Sit ‘n’ Go Bonanza”
    Currently Fair Poker have their “Maui, Rio and Dirty Dozen Sit and Go Spectaculars”.

    The Dirty Dozen is a $2000 JACKPOT for a $2 BUY-IN
    Maui is a $15000 progressive for a $5 buy-in and, to top it all, the Rio Jackpot is a cool $25000 for a $20 buy -in

    For example, Fair Poker will pay a $15,000 jackpot to the winner of 5 consecutive $5 Sit ‘n’ Go tourney’s and $25000 for the winner of 6 in a row!! Finish 1st or 2nd in 5 consecutive Sit’n’go’s and
    Fair Poker will pay a $200 bonus!

    This is a wonderful offer for those that love Sit ‘n’ Go’s, made famous by online poker players!