• Patriots of Poker: How to Make $7,500 out of 30 pennies

    19 October 2010

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    If you’re like me, you get pretty intimidated by all of the six-figure (or more!!) online poker tournaments out there, particularly if the buy-in is higher than any amount I’ve ever had in my account. Patriots of Poker, part of Everleaf Gaming, hosts a set of tournaments “for the rest of us” featuring ridiculously low buy-ins, yet they also offer opportunities down the line (or rather, up the tournament pole, to play in live tournaments around the world.

    It works something like this:

    Register for any of the Step 1A or Step 1B games that run about every six hours. Buy-ins are a quarter with a nickel re-buy. Winners get vouchers for the next round. This cycle continues until you are either forced to start over (hey, better luck next time!) or you win your way to the top, a choice between a $5,000 Final or a $7,500 Final. Not only that, winners will get to travel all-expenses paid to amazing tournaments and locations around the world–European PT, GUKPT, WPT, to name just a few!

    Patriots of Poker
    Accepts all Players

    I’m going to try to pop a graphic in from the Patriots of Poker site that will better explain the tiering system:

    Whether you’re a closet poker pro just waiting for your big chance or you’re taking a fun hobby to the next level, Patriots of Poker allows you to try it out without forking over a huge investment. It just as well could be the best 30 cents you’ve ever spent.