• Ongoing Promotions at Golden Tiger

    12 February 2008


    Golden Tiger Casino
    Are you an extreme poker player? Then Extreme Stack is for you!

    These 8-seat, single table Sit & Go tournaments offer players plenty of intense poker action. With $2,000 in starting chips and 10-minute blind intervals, YOU will need to be quick on the draw to place in the money.

    Payouts are as follows:

    • 1st Place wins 50%
    • 2nd Place wins 30%
    • 3rd Place wins 20%

    The great chip structure and prize pool remain constant for all buy-in levels, which start out as low as $20 + $2 and top off at $1,000 + $50.

    Extreme Stack Level Limits:

    • $10/$20
    • $20/$40
    • $40/$80
    • $60/$120
    • $100/$200
    • $150/$300
    • $200/$400
    • $300/$600
    • $500/$1,000
    • $600/$1,200*
    • Level 10 is played until a winner is crowned.

    Bad Beat

    Four of a Kind or better, is beaten. The loser of the hand receives 50% of the progressive bad beat jackpot, the winner gets 25%, and the remaining 25% is split among the other players in the hand. No way to lose!

    Progressive Bad Beat Terms and Conditions:

    • Starts at $500, with $50 added each day.
    • Real money tables only.
    • Standard non-tournament tables only.
    • 4 or more people must have received cards.
    • Hold’em games only.
    • 4 of a Kind, or better must be beaten.
    • Both hole cards must be used in the winner and loser’s hands.
    • Players sitting out do not qualify.
    • No special rake is taken to fund the bad beat jackpot.
    • In the even of 2 or more bad beats in the same hand, the jackpot will be split equally.
    • 50% to the bad beat, 25% to the winner and 25% split equally between the other players.

    This promotion runs continually on Texas Hold’em

    Magic Hand
    Each hand dealt at Prima Poker is assigned a number. From time to time Prima Poker management picks a hand number at random in advance and declares it a Magic Hand and establishes what the prizes will be.

    When that magic hand is dealt, the winner of the hand wins the main prize and all other players in the game each get a second bonus amount. (If you sit out you don’t qualify!)

    This promotion runs periodically – don’t miss the next Magic Hand!