• New Poker League with SunPoker

    09 October 2006


    Professional Poker Champion Kenna James and SunPoker.com have announced the start of a brand new poker league, The Kenna James Bounty League. This new league will start by rewarding a total of four SunPoker.com members with $10,000 seats at the main event of the L.A. Poker Classic, an additional $2,500 for hotel and airfare, and a personal training session with Kenna James.

    The newly formed Bounty League will feature a $22 buy-in tournament every Thursday where SunPoker.com members will have the opportunity to play against Poker Superstar Kenna James. The lucky SunPoker.com member who knocks out Kenna will receive $500 in prize money as well as extra bounty points. Bounty points are given out for participating in each tournament, for knocking Kenna James out of a tournament, and based upon the players’ tournament performance. The more tournaments members’ play, the more points they will be able to accumulate. Point totals will be refreshed each month, allowing every player a new opportunity to play and win.

    The final table at the end of each month, determined according to the top 10 bounty point holders, will award one winner a place in “The James Gang”, as well as one of the four monthly grand prizes. This prize package will be available during October, November, December, and January, with the L.A Poker Classic starting in February.