• JACKPOT RECORD AMOUNT: Absolute Poker Bad Beat Jackpot huge amount won $464,00.00

    17 July 2007


    Wow what a surprise that must have been. A huge Jackpot and a day to remember for the lucky winner.

    July 17 – One seriously happy online poker players bucked the trends and won a mega amount of cash playing at Absolute Poker. It seems weirdly appropriate that he named himself “Calvinhobbes”.

    The player hit the bad beat jackpot for a monstrous $464,000 in cold hard cash, which is divided between himself, the hand winner, and the other players at the table. He takes home the lions share of $162,628.21.

    Almost one million hands were dealt since the last winner which made the jackpot climb to new levels. The bad beat jackpot is a major draw card that attracts new players, according to a spoke person at this top tier poker room.

    Now how did he win you may ask. Well losing with quad aces to a Royal Flush deserves something. I mean it just has to, right. A loss like this could put you off poker forever. But for Calvinhobbes, this was definitely a great hand to lose!

    Calvinhobbes was playing at one of Absolute Poker’s Bad Beat Jackpot tables. If you lose a hand holing four of a kind, you have hit the jackpot. The previous win was for $297,287.63 less than two weeks ago which gives you an idea of how fast the jackpot grows.

    The Bad Beat Jackpot tables is a stroke of genius by Absolute Poker.

    Congratulations to Calvinhobbes!!!