• 8 Steps to a Million at Patriots of Poker

    09 August 2010


    Like a chance to sit at a poker table with 10 other players with $1,000,000 on the line? Like to have that chance for just 33 cents? Now you can at the Patriot of Poker $1,000,000 Ladder promotion.

    Time to climb the ladder in this 8 step 10 person SnG series starting with as little as 33 cents, you could be 9 steps away from landing a minimum of $4,000 all the way up to the top prize of $1,000,000.

    The first step starts at 33 cents and the winner gets a voucher straight to step 2. Step 2 can be gotten into with a voucher or by paying just $2.75. In this step, First place gets a free pass into Step 3 and everyone else gets a free pass into another Step 1.

    Step 3 can also be gotten into two ways, a free voucher or directly by paying $22. In this round the rewards are spread out a little more but finish 8-10 and you get nothing. 1st place wins a voucher to Step 4, second a voucher back to Step 3, 3rd-6th gets into a Step 2 for free and 7th gets $4.00.

    Step 4 again can be gotten into with a voucher or with $165. 1st place goes on to Step 5, 2nd through 9th goes back to Step 3 and 10th gets $4.00
    Step 5 in the last one you can by directly into. You can sit in this with a voucher or for $1320.00. Again first place moves you on to Step 6, 2nd back to step 5, 3rd – 6th back to Step 4 and 7th gets $20.00.

    You can only get into Step 6th with a winning voucher. Winner goes to Step 7 and 2nd place goes to Step 6, all others start all over.

    Step 7 is only gotten into with a voucher and the top 5 goes to the final step while all the rest has to start over.

    Step 8 is the grand finale for $1,000,000. The payout for this 10 man SnG is:

    • 1st – $1,000,000.000
    • 2nd – $500,000.00
    • 3rd – $125,000.00
    • 4th – $75,000.00
    • 5th – $30,000.00
    • 6th – 10th – $4,000.00
    Patriots of Poker
    Accepts all Players