• 100 FREE iPad2s up for Grabs at Hollywood Poker

    01 April 2011

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    If you’ve been dreaming in touch-screen, portable technology, then the Hollywood Poker iPad2 Promotion will surely get your attention. We all know about the showers that come in April, but no one could expect it would be raining Apples.

    How do you get the 2nd generation iPad for FREE, you ask? Easy. Just play some good ol’ fashioned online poker. Well, as “old fashioned” as online poker can get when you play at the revolutionary Hollywood Poker room.

    Throughout the month of April, you’ll need to collect the minimum amount of player points by playing in micro/low stakes games or medium/high stakes games. Here’s the sleek-and-sexy low down:

    • Micro/Low Stake Poker Game iPad2 Promotion: Collect at least 50 player points per day for at least 15 days during the 30 days of April. Qualifying games include games with stakes from $.25/$.50 and below (Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hi/Lo, etc) to those with $1/$2 stakes (like Seven Card Stud). Specific games are outlined in the free iPad2 promotion page.
    • Medium/High Stake Poker Game iPad2 Promotion: An impressive number of 75 FREE iPads are available to those players who earn 150 player points per day for at least 15 out of April’s 30 days. Games include those with stakes $.50/$1 and above (like Texas Hold’em Five Card Draw PL, etc) as well as those Seven Card Stud Hi FL games at $2/$4 and above.
    Hollywood Poker
    Accepts all Players
    Except US Players

    The above steps are the first round toward qualifying for your free iPad2. Once you’ve earned enough points on enough days, you’ll receive a ticket to the respective iPad2 Freeroll tournament on May 15, 2011. The top 25 (in the micro/low) and 75 (in the medium/high) players will walk (or more like skip giddily) away with the best piece of technology introduced this side of the millenium–a free Apple iPad2!

    Today’s the first day of April! Gear up so you can get your gear on! Good luck.