• The Next Wave in Online Gambling is Elimination Poker at UltimateBet

    08 September 2006


    NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sept. 7, 2006–What happens when you cross the thrill of tournament poker with the skill level of blackjack? You get the newest wave in online gambling to take over the internet, Elimination Blackjack.

    Elimination Blackjack will include seven players with the ultimate goal to accumulate as many chips as possible. It will be played similar to blackjack in the casino but with a few key twists. After eight, sixteen and twenty five hands played, the player with the least about of chips is eliminated from the competition. Basically, the tension and excitement level of tournament poker has been merged with blackjack.

    One of the most interesting aspects to Elimination Blackjack is the “Secret Bet.” Each player will be allowed to make one “secret bet” per round. This means the other players will have no idea how much their opponent will have at risk for the upcoming hand adding the element of bluffing to the game of blackjack.

    “This unique blend of blackjack combined with aspects of tournament poker we believe have mass appeal to both poker and blackjack players,” stated Chris Welch Managing Director of Loudvision, UltimateBet’s marketing agency. “The response from those that have trialed Elimination Blackjack has been overwhelmingly positive and we look forward to large numbers of players in the months ahead.”

    In addition, UltimateBet.net is a charter member of the new Ultimate Blackjack Tour on CBS. The television show will feature Team UltimateBe including legendary poker player, Phil Hellmuth, Annie Duke, Antonio Esfandiari and Freddy Deeb all vying for the $1 million prize. Episodes will begin to air on September 16th.

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