• New Secure Software for Online Poker Rooms

    18 May 2010


    Yesterday in a press release, Tokwiro Enterprises announced their new version of the Cereus software for Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet that uses the Open SSL encryption to secure all Client-Server communication. PokerTableRating, which brought the security issue to the attention of Tokwiro a few days ago, has also confirmed the SSL is operating as it should.

    The previous issue which involved the online poker network, operated by Cereus and owned by Tokwiro Enterprises, using XOR encryption and not the standard SSL protocol for network transmissions. When we first wrote about the story (here) COO Paul Leggett blogged that “we plan to have this issue resolved within a matter of hours”, of course it took a little longer than that but we must give a nod to the Tokwiro Enterprises for the much improved handling of this breach over the last one.

    COO Paul Leggett added,

    “Our priority is our players, and providing them with a secure online poker environment. The implementation of the Open SSL standard achieves this for our players, and we will continue to conduct rigorous verification tests and submit to third party audits to ensure our entire operation is secure. We are communicating openly with PTR, our players, and the rest of the poker community to prove ourselves as a company that is safe to play at, and that we are serious about security.”