• Sandra Naujoks takes home EPT Dortmund Championship

    16 March 2009


    Vicky Coren had to relinquish her title of being the only female to win an EPT event when Sandra Naujoks won the EPT Dortmund main event over the weekend, taking home €917,000.

    This EPT event was sponsored by PokerStars, lasted for 5 days and had an entry fee of €5,300.

    The next stop for the EPT will be EPT SAN REMO, which is located in north-western Italy. The main event kicks off at 2pm on April 18th and the final table will start on April 23rd at 2pm and has a buy-in of €5,000 + €300.

    To qualify for this land-based event and many more other major offline tournaments, head on over to PokerStars and get in on the action today!