• Psychologists Say Poker is a Game of Skill

    25 March 2008


    Luck of the Draw? Michael DeDonno, who is a doctoral student from Case Western Reserve University, says NO. DeDonno’s findings from college students playing the game, have implications for the gaming industry, and possible even legal cases that challenge the theory of luck over skill.

    This article provides evidence that it is skill and not a game of luck!! This could have a big impact for the poker gaming industry.

    DeDonno conducted 2 studies, one with students given strategy and charts, the other group was given a background in the game of poker but no strategies. At the beginning of this study 64 % felt that winning at poker was 50% luck. DeDonno said: “If it had been pure luck in winning, then the strategies would not have made a difference for the two groups,”

    This is interesting study read full study here: