• Poker Share Is Back!

    27 April 2006


    Effective April 25th, Poker Share is again gracing the pages of the web with it’s unique approach to online poker. Last year, using an innovative profit sharing program, players at Poker Share could benefit from successful and continued growth of Poker Share by playing on the site. Poker Share players could earn a percentage of profits to the casino. Unfortunately, Poker Share had the rug pulled out from under them before they could really get established. But the rug is gone and wall to wall carpeting has been installed!

    Poker Share joined forces with the Tain Network and began testing their site during the month of March. To assist in their transformation and rebirth, Poker Share acquired Satyaswaroop Mahapatra formerly of PartyGaming to assist in implementing and monitoring success. So pick a table, grab a seat, cut the cards and be dealt in to the profit sharing program that can only be found at Poker Share!