• Poker Series Commissioner Blasts Joan Rivers

    29 April 2009


    What in the world is up with Joan Rivers? Not only did she call Annie Duke a “nazi(!)”, but her views about poker players are that we’re “beyond white trash”! Another questionable quotes that Rivers made was “Your people, you give money with blood on it.” Where does she get off saying stuff like this?

    These comments were made during the latest “Celebrity Apprentice” in which both Annie Duke and Joan Rivers were participants in.

    Poker Commissioner Jeffrey Pollack mentioned that “We would love to see a woman win the main event … unless that woman happens to be Joan Rivers,” in a recent news conference that was in regards to addressing player conduct during WSOP events and how new measures will be implemented to monitor player’s actions more closely, and dish out more appropriate and stiffer penalties for those that cross the line of what boils down to good sportsmanship.

    Pollack was also quoted as saying “After the episode with Phil in the main event last year, we said publicly we’re going to review our system of warnings and penalties. We have done that.” and “We saw a couple of things last year that we weren’t too pleased with or proud of and recognized that some changes needed to be made.”

    For those of you that missed it, here’s the clip in question where Phil literally blows up and goes on a tirade that lasts for what seems like forever, berating another player. He was given a 9 hand penalty that was supposed to be served out when play resumed the next day, but yet he whined enough and it was overturned and play resumed as normal.

    Here’s the original article, at SFGate: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/n/a/2009/04/28/entertainment/e160914D06.DTL