• Big Money Swing for Patrik Antonius of Full Tilt Poker

    05 May 2010


    Let’s just do the math and see where it leads us. If you were to manage to save $50,000 a year (not counting interest) and never touched it, it would take 72 years to do what Patrik Antonius did in merely 3 months. Antonius however did it in reverse.

    From January 1 to March 15 of 2010, the poker tables at Full Tilt were not kind to Patrik to say the least. He dropped a whopping $3.6 million! This is the largest to date drop by any online poker player. (Brain Townsend tops that list at $2.14 million)

    As the saying goes, “That’s poker” and Antonius is no slouch when it comes to the tables. In his career he has had 11 WSOP cash finishes, 7 WPT cash finishes and 1 EPT title so far. 2009 was a great year as well allowing for a little cushion with a profit of close to $9 million dollars playing at Full Tilt Poker.

    Play Online Poker
    Play Online Poker

    Before we start to worry about his financial future however, there is a flip side to this story. From March 15 to the beginning of May, the poker tables have turned again and Patrik Antonius was there to take advantage. In just 6 weeks Antonius turned his deficit into a $500,000 profit by winning nearly $4.1 million dollars.

    That is an epic poker bankroll swing!

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