• Player hits $158,778 jackpot at Win A Day Casino

    14 November 2010


    “Whenever our progressive jackpot goes over $100,000 it feels like it could be hit any day,” stated WinADayCasino.com manager Michael Hilary. “When it gets to $150,000 we’re really on the edge of our seats!”

    So goes the press release issued by Win A Day Casino, which announced the latest jackpot win of $158,778 to online gamer, Marie S. Just like many online gamblers we know, November 4th started out as any other. “I was happily spinning away; winning some and also losing some and the next thing I knew I hit the big one,” she said to the spokesperson at Win A Day Casino.

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    Win A Day Casino
    Accepts all Players

    As reported by iGaming, and casino hounds around the internet, this inaugural win for the new Slot 21 game was a beacon to all players waiting to “reel” in the big one.

    The jackpot was won on November 4, 2010. The Win A Day Casino progressive jackpot was reset at $30,000. Just 10 days later, the amount is well over $52,000. All the news of the lucky jackpot winner is driving in players, which drives up the bounty even faster. Who will be next? You?