• Win A Day Casino: Joker's Tricks Slots is No Joke

    18 May 2012


    Joker's Tricks Online Slot with free spins, bonus games, and double wilds

    With 5 reels and 20 paylines, the new Joker’s Tricks slots is packed with free spins, a double-payout wild, an expanding wild, an entertaining bonus game, and lots of good, clean mischief. Powered by Slotland Software, Joker’s Tricks is carried exclusively by Win a Day Casino, and, as most of us seasoned slot players would know, Win A Day Casino seems to get all the best of Slotland Software.

    Play Joker's Tricks Slots from Slotland

    Joker’s Tricks slots certainly qualifies as one of Slotland’s better games. With its  in-game bonus round which turns on and off at the sight of three Joker symbols, Joker’s Tricks sheds some fantastic new light on how bonus games are incorporated into online slots. Rather than load into a separate screen, the Joker’s Tricks game keeps you right in on the action, first rooting for those Joker faces to pile on the reels and then rooting for them not to. Different and fun.

    Joker’s Tricks online slots also employs something we’re starting to see a lot of: user interaction. More than just adjusting your wager and hitting spin, Joker’s Tricks will engage you when it comes time to activate your free spins and decide what type of bonus should be applied to those free games. It’s a fun twist. You’d expect nothing less from Slotland software.

    We’ve played the game thoroughly and invite you to read our detailed Joker’s Tricks slots review, filled with colorful screenshots, analysis, and wagering information.