• Rival launches new 3D action blockbuster: Beretta's Vendetta Online Slots

    15 March 2011

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    Spin a little Die Hard onto your reels this spring with Beretta’s Vendetta, the newest 5-reel, 20-payline slot from Rival Gaming. The summer blockbuster season may still be months away, but Rival has all the high-speed, bomb-disarming, dramatic action right here and now.

    Featuring stacked wilds, paying scatters, up to 18 free spins, and a bonus round that will leave you sweating bullets as you disarm bombs for hundreds and hundreds of points, Beretta’s Vendetta isn’t your average online slots game. In fact, it’s not even your average Rival 3D slots game as the mouths on the characters surrounding the reels aren’t afraid if you have young children present (note: you may not want to play this with the sound on if you have children present).

    While this could have been named Die Hard: Spin with a Vengeance, Beretta’s Vendetta 3D slots makes no mistake in its animation quality. Layer upon layer of active imagery is added to this dramatic slot, with each symbol playing a part in the action. I found the game to be abnormally alluring, choosing to watch the reels even though I had them on Auto Spin. To be honest, I had to watch them at first because the information on the pay table was lacking in several areas (why didn’t they mention the wild was stacked? and that it only appears on Reel 3?).

    You’ll also notice the five-page pay table mentions that the free spin symbol and the bonus feature symbol have to land on activated paylines, yet they are also described as scatters. I chose this to mean that they can land anywhere on the payline and not just from left to right. I guess it just goes to show that real life heroes aren’t always given all the details, they just show up and do the work. Lucky for us, the only work we have to do is keep our account loaded and make sure the Auto Spin is on.

    Superior Casino
    Accepts all Players
    Except Canada Based Players

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    Watch the Beretta’s Vendetta Slots Trailer and see what’s in store for you.