• New Rival 3D Slot, Dr. Magoo's Adventure, now at Black Diamond

    29 December 2010

    Picture 24

    Dr. Magoo’s Adventure, Rival’s unveiled 3D online slots game, is certainly an impressive mix of animation, stacked wilds, a 5,000-coin jackpot and a slurry of free spins. Available at select Rival casinos, Dr. Magoo’s Adventure joins the Crazy Jeweler as Rival’s initial attempts at jumping on the 3D market train.

    Will you need 3D glasses to play Dr Magoo’s Advenure 3D online slots? No. Will having 3D glasses improve the experience? No (although, I’m sure that won’t stop you from putting on a pair while playing). For the most part the “3D” in these Rival 3D games is more a description of the layers of animation featured in the slots game: the spinning wheels, the animated symbols on the spinning wheels, and the outer frame containing the animated symbols on the spinning wheels, which includes Dr. Magoo, who celebrates with your wins and kicks the dirt with your losses.

    Dr. Magoo’s Adventure is available at Black Diamond online casino. Enter through the banner below to play Dr Magoo for free instantly or via download. Want our take on the game? Read our full-length Dr. Magoo’s Adventure review.

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