• Preview Slotland's Jewels of the Ancients Here!

    09 December 2010

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    Slotland’s new slot, Jewels of the Ancient, is not even out in the world yet, and the online gaming community is already bubbling about it. I love it when online slot games are so hyped up they get their own trailers. Doesn’t happen very often. If ever, really. In fact this may be the first time I’ve ever seen a preview for a slot game. If it’s meant to get me excited to plunk down a few coins to play it, it’s definitely working.

    Slotland is known for its mobile, take-anywhere casino almost as much as it stands out for its incredibly unique games. more detail goes into one of Slotland’s new slot games than gets applied to the hundreds that churned out by “other”  larger casino software. Not that it makes them any more profitable or gives them any better odds; there’s just an appreciable difference when you look at and play the new slots games on the Slotland platform when compared to almost anyone else.

    Play Jewels of the Ancient when it comes out and I bet it is every bit as detailed as the standard Slotland sets with every game. We’ll be sure to keep you up-to-date with the details as soon as they’re announced!

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