• The McMurphy's Slots Takes Off in 3-D Style

    07 February 2011

    Picture 52

    The McMurphy’s slots game, a 5-reel, 20-payline family vacation gone horribly right with free spins, wilds, scatters, and a $37,500 jackpot. The McMurphy’s online slots is one of many new Rival slots on the market with 3-D animations, and while 3-D is all the hype in the movie industry right now, these slot games actually put it to good use.

    As we’ve said in previous blogs, when Rival says “3-D”, they don’t mean you need special glasses to play (unless, of course, you need glasses for other things). Rival’s 3-D slots incorporate animation on a variety of levels: the games’ introductions are movie-quality, the individual symbols take on a life of their own, and the frames themselves are participants in the games. Rival 3-D slots are not the tiresome cookie-cutter games typically seen by casino software giants of this size; they are fully detailed, wildly creative, and fun as all get out to play.

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    Except Canada Based Players

    The McMurphy’s slots game is no different. You’ll no sooner spin those reels and you’ll start to fall in love with the characters that almost hang out of their respective boxes. Between Uncle Bob and little brother Bart and Grandpa George, you’ll start to see your own crazy family in this band of relatives who are taking the world by storm. And while you may not get excited by every win your game awards (it is, like most of Rival’s 3-D slots, a low-variance slot game), Muffles the dog will flip with enough enthusiasm for both of you.

    As with any new online slots launch, players may get frustrated about where to play The McMurphy’s slot game. Several Rival casinos are slated to have it added to their long list of popular games, but only a handful have received it so far. Don’t worry, we know exactly where you need to go to play The McMurphy’s slots game, as well as the rest of the new 3-D Rival Slots that have launched in the last few weeks. Black Diamond Casino, for one, has them up and ready for instant play and free game play right now.

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