• $18,000 NETeller Open Tournament at All Slots Casino

    10 May 2010

    NewspaperAll Slots Casino
    Accepts all Players
    Except US Players

    NETeller and All Slots Casino has teamed up to offer its players an $18,000 online slots tournament. This exclusive tournament will take place from May 14th -21st and in order to get in, you first must be a real money player at All Slots Casino and make a deposit using the e-bank NETeller.

    If you are not a money player at All Slots, then you can sign up now and take advantage of their great sign up bonuses. You can get a first deposit match up to $200 and earn 10% back on each deposit, up to $450 each month.

    There are also a number of free feeder tournaments being offered from May 9-12th that you can play to reach the NETeller Final, you can also buy into the Tournament for $10. The name of the free feeder tournaments is “Loaded”.

    The total prize pool for this tournament is $16,000 PLUS $2,000 in extra NETeller prizes. The $2,000 extra prizes will be credited to the winners’ NETeller account as follows:

    • $1000 grand prize
    • $500 2nd place prize
    • $300 3rd place prize
    • $200 4th place prize


    1. This offer is open to real money players at All Slots Casino who deposit with NETELLER®.
    2. The $18,000 NETELLER® Open tournament takes place at All Slots Casino between 8 p.m. GMT on May 14th and 8 p.m. GMT on May 21st.
    3. Buy-in to the $18,000 NETELLER® Open tournament is $10. Players may win free entry by participating in the free feeder tournaments.
    4. Feeder tournaments run between May 9th and May 12th.
    5. The prize pool in the tournament is $16,000.
    6. NETELLER will award $2,000 in extra bonuses to tournament participants who use NETELLER.

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!