• $100,000 at All Jackpots Free Slots Tournament

    07 July 2008


    This is something we would like add to July’s festivities; All Jackpots $100,000 slots tournament freeroll going on right now! This tournament will last throughout July with a semi-final freeroll tournament every day. The top 50 winning players from each game will get a free ticket to the grand final. If you happen to not place in the top fifty, a $50 buy-in will get you into the action. You can find out more on our All Jackpots promotions page.

    Don’t delay, because before you know it the grand finale will be right on top of you. The first place prize for this contest, which starts on the first of August, is a whopping 50 Grand to one lucky winner. Second and third prizes are nothing to shy away from either at $10,000 and $5,000, in the 200 cash prizes with the minimum prize of $100! Stop by the All Jackpots promotion page to get the run down.