• Snabbare Launched by ComeOn: Near Instant WD, No Registration

    23 January 2018

    Snabbare launched by come n near instant wd no registration

    ComeOn Casino, a subsidiary of legendary Swedish casino company Cherry AB (STO: CHER-B.ST) has successfully launched a new casino domain, Snabbare.com. Snabbare means 'faster' in English, for those outside of the region, and aside from the Cherry and ComeOn reputations may be all Swedish players need to know in order to deposit and play.

    Fast Logins, Withdrawals Under 15 Minutes

    Snabbare is the first Malta Gambling Authority licensed casino brand in Sweden to offer faster login and withdrawals in under 15 minutes with no registration required.

    Seamless & Fast Gaming Experience

    ComeOn's Interim CEO, Tomas Johansson explains the need for such a casino in a recent press release from the company. He talks of players demanding a more seamless and faster gambling experience and notes that the new system behind Snabbare takes away the now unnecessary registration steps so as not to waste players' time.

    He added: "It feels great to be able to be the first operator to offer instant play, faster withdrawals combined with tax free winnings to the Swedish players."

    Pay and Play Service

    The new casino uses a "pay and play service" that takes care of all KYC (know your customer) requirements behind the scenes - all the customer has to do is make a deposit - no registration is needed. And, since that usually time-consuming business is out of the way before players even place a bet, withdrawals are executed in less than a quarter of an hour. The solution is very secure and nearly effortless on the player's part. Swedish players are sure to appreciate the speed of worry-free withdrawals.

    Cherry began to acquire the parent company of ComeOn in early 2016 when the sportsbook and casino operator was "growing faster than the market" and has taken the brand and sister-brands to new heights. The deal was completed one year later.

    The Future is Snabbare

    Johansson said, "We strongly believe in a future where we simplify the experience for the user." He added, "So stay tuned, the future is Snabbare!"


    Square in the Air, Press Release, ComeOn launches “Snabbare.com”, a new and exciting casino on the Swedish market

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