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    Online Live Sci BoThese live dealer casinos offer up a chance to get in on the action with live sic bo games in real time online. live sic bo casinos, live sic bo tables

    If you see a table game in a casino that involves rolling three dice, then chances are that you're looking at a sic bo table. The basic idea behind this game is that players will see the roll of three dice (six-sided each), and the results of that roll are wagered on.

    Playing in typical online games can be fun, but the real action comes at the live dealer sic bo tables where you can see the rolls unfold in real-time games. Before you jump right in, you should know what to expect from casinos that offer these tables and what to look for when finding the tables that will fit what you're looking for the best.

    Live Sicbo Casinos

    Production and Platforms

    The sic bo tables at live dealer casinos can offer up a great experience, usually from either a computer or mobile device. This is because most of the top providers have platforms that run in your web browser, so as long as you have an updated browser and a connection, you'll be able to get a pretty good experience regardless of how you're playing.

    One aspect of this that's important is the way the feeds can be throttled to adjust for any lulls in your connection, which can especially happen while mobile. With that having been said, it's best to play from Wi-Fi with a mobile device instead of your mobile plan data since the high-definition audio and video feeds can take up a whole lot of bandwidth in a short period of time.

    Getting the Best Live Sic Bo Odds

    Sic Bo is a great game where you can win different payouts as a multiple of your bet based on the roll of three dice. While it's somewhat similar to craps in that instance, a game some people might consider its two-dice cousin, a major different is that craps payout tables are largely decided and agreed on for the most par.

    The difference here is that the payout tables for sic bo can vary quite a bit, so a little shopping around for the best odds for your favorite types of bets can go a long way.

    Looking for Special Promotions

    One more thing to look for is a set of promotions that will help you to get the most value you can from your play on this game. Take a look at the bonuses, specials, loyalty rewards and other goodies that these sites have to offer, and see which of them fit in with what you're wanting to play the most. That may be live dealer-specific bonuses, or it may include bonuses that just happen to allow live dealer and table game play when clearing the wagering requirement.

    Regardless of what kind of stakes you play or how serious you are about the action, the live sic bo casinos we have listed here will get you in the seat you want to be in.