• Sail the "World" with Bingo Fun on Columbus Day

    10 October 2010

    NewspaperBingo Fun

    Columbus Day is on Monday, October 11th (ahem, that would be today for many of you). In the time it takes you to get the mail, you could have three nickel cards all lined up for the World Pattern games available at Bingo Fun. There are prizes worth $35 on the line, so stock up on your nickel cards and have fun. And don’t worry about the mail–it doesn’t come today!

    This Columbus Day promotion is in the midst of a larger “Spooky October Spectacular” at Bingo Fun. Free games, spooky games, guaranteed jackpot games, and a whole host of patterns (Dracula, Casper, Jack O’Lantern, Goblin, to name a few). Bingo Fun is also featuring random chat-cameos with Casper the Ghost and, since he is of the friendly variety, he’s happy to toss some bbs your way if you catch him!

    Happy Daubing!

    Accepts all Players