• New Year at Bingogala

    29 December 2008

    NewspaperBingo Gala

    Can you believe it? 2008 is just about over and Gala wants to bring in the New Year with a bang!!!

    It’s Party Time at Gala, so go join in the fun from 12 noon till 11pm EST on December 31st. They will have games with $100 pots and a whooping $2008 jackpot. These games will play on the “champagne glass” pattern. So say goodbye to 2008 in style!

    Then welcome in the New Year, with a kick start with a fantastic $2009 MUST GO jackpot. This game will play at 12 midnight, December 31st. It will be 25cent cards and max 1000 cards.

    What a way to end the old year and in with the New Year at Bingogala!!

    Accepts all Players