• Festive Fun at Bingogala

    14 December 2008

    NewspaperBingo Gala
    Accepts all Players

    What is more fun than an old fashioned snowball fight? Well I will tell you, Santa’s snowball at Bingogala. These are all a MUST GO games that grow and grow! There has already been a lucky winner of $650 in cash!!

    These are the pots for next week:

    SAT = $700 SUN = $750 MON = $800 TUE= $850 WED = $900 THUR $950 and by this time next week we will hit the $1000 prize pot.

    They will keep growing till the final Snowball on Christmas Day, which will be worth a whopping $1300 in CASH!

    These entire snowball games are a MUST GO and someone will win everyday!

    Plus they are expanding the 100% bonus on all deposits of at least $20. So take advantage of this fantastic offer from Bingogala!