• BingoGala’s Jackpot is Over $6,385.70!!

    22 January 2009

    NewspaperBingo Gala
    Accepts all Players

    Who will be BingoGala’s next BIG jackpot winner? It could be you, if you head on over and see if you win! The jackpot is now over $6,385.70. That would be a nice win to end the month of January!

    They also have a new Chat schedule, fresh for 2009. New games have been added, like FRED’s CRAZY SURPRISES, which will play between 2am and 6am EST. It could be free games, penny games, or bigger pots. Let it be a crazy surprise.

    Not ending there, they have added new times for Double Up Magic, three times a day. They will play from 6am-8am EST, 12 noon-2pm EST and again at 10pm- 12 midnight EST. You buy your cards and they will match them for free! So just buy Cards and watch them double at BingoGala.

    BingoGala is always improving your fun! You never know what they will do next.