• VISA Bitcoin Cash Debit Card Coming Soon

    14 December 2017

    Visa bitcoin cash debit card coming soon

    To un-coin a phrase, if you repeat something long and loud enough it will become the truth. Sound about right in today's world? How about this one... I chopped wood today with my grandfather's ax. Yes, I've replaced the handle twice and the head once, but it's still my grandfather's ax, I assure you.

    In October, bitcoin Jesus Roger Ver and famed Bodog gambling entrepreneur Calvin Ayre declared that an August cloned fork of the blockchain, which became bitcoin cash (BCH) was the true heir to the Bitcoin name, and the uncloned continuum will forever on be known as SegWit1x (SW1). 

    VISA Bitcoin Cash debit card

    The news here is not spin or concept or opinion shaping - it is that Mr. Ver has now figured out how to win the hearts and minds of many alt-cash users. He is going to give us Visa cards that operate on bitcoin cash (BCC/BCH). This move has the potential to dramatically change the landscape, depending on what happens to the various coins' values.

    Lower Fees and Fewer Transaction

    Here's the biggest selling point in my mind in one word - fees. If I were to move, say, $100 from my bank or Visa card to Coinbase to buy Bitcoin (BTC) so that I can deposit it at an online casino, I'd have about $91 left to deposit. Depending on where I deposit (what premium is placed on it for miner fees = speed of confirmation) I might have $87 left. If I quit playing at some point and decided to cash out $87 then "sell" my BTC to my PayPal debit card, I'd have about $83 left. So, just moving it around cost me $17 or 17%. Depending on several factors that can go as high as 30%.

    The VISA Bitcoin Cash debit card would be superior to the Bitpay Visa out there already because of three things - fees, fees, and fees - not to mention quick reliable turnover. Fees are negligible and BCH miners can increase block size to 8MB to speed up any backlogs.

    All Volatile Currencies

    The currencies are all volatile with a definite upswing. BTC peaked at $17,200 early this morning and BCH is trading at $1,832.75 USD (.11 BTC) as this is written. BTC is up over $10,000 per coin over the last month, according to Coinbase, so the fees aren't really a problem in some minds. But volatility doesn't always mean upswing and steady declines or a bottoming out could happen, no doubt.

    Where to Play With Bitcoin Cash?

    No details have been released yet about the upcoming card but if you want to get your feet wet with the BCH currency, guess what? Bodog, Bovada, and Ignition casinos all accept the alternative currency and will certainly provide video tutorials, written instructions, and possibly even live chat help to walk you through the process.  One guess who will accept the VISA Bitcoin Cash debit card when it debuts? My money is on the dog for that, along with about 30 million other merchants worldwide.


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