• New Domain for Best Gambling Portal: LatestCasinoBonuses

    20 August 2018

    New domain for best gambling portal

    Games and Casino's sister site https://latestcasinobonuses.com/ enters a new era in the rich and eventful life of the leading gambling portal and industry affiliate. After much deliberation...

    ...the LCB team decided to follow an organic path and direction the brand has intuitively been steering towards throughout the years. Yes - it is a domain change

    What's new:

    We are - wait for it - lcb.org! While it's true that most of our loyal members, readers, followers and business partners know and cherish our former domain...

    Sometimes it's best to simply let go and embrace the change. It really is NOT that major - but it IS crucial for the evolution of LCB!

    Let's be honest:

    We have always been known as LCB, and our precious community as LCB'ers. Ever since the inception in 2006, passionate gamers have sought the expert guidance from their favorite portal, which they have been referring to by precisely this SHORT and NEAT moniker!

    Easier to use, more comfortable and faster to pronounce. Furthermore - '.org' stands for ''organization'', and LCB family is indeed an ever-growing organization...

    ...comprised of numerous gaming-oriented websites: LBB for bingo goodies, LSB for punters, LPB for poker buffs. And many, many more! Wizard of Odds, Real Money Action, Key to Casino, to name some of our popular sites. 

    The important thing to note is that we are still US. There's no messing with the heart and soul of LCB - we remain just the way you like us - inside and outside:

    There are still exclusive promotions, honest reviews, loyalty rewards and the rest of the exciting perks that made this network the best of it's kind in the iGaming industry. 

    So now:

    We are crossing over into a better and brighter future, and hope this change will mark yet another successful venture in the life of LCB Network. 

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