• VISA Now Blocking All Online Gambling Transactions

    21 February 2010


    Only a few weeks after MasterCard blocked all online gambling transactions for United States players, VISA has also decided to block all online gambling transactions. VISA is the largest credit card supplier in the U.S. This is probably in response to the upcoming June deadline to start enforcing UIGEA regulations. MasterCard and VISA are just making sure that they are ready when UIGEA is enforced. Whether or not it will be enforced is still in doubt. It places and huge financial and logistical burden on the financial institutions, not to mention the fact that congress may soon legalize and regulate internet gambling.

    Most credit and debit cards have been refusing online casino transactions for years, so this is nothing new. Over the years, most online gamblers have had to find new ways to pay for their enjoyment and this will just be another ripple in that pond. Many will probably start using e-wallets if and when their credit cards are refused. But they have always found a way to pay and they always will. If congress starts listening to the citizens of this great country instead of lobbyists, then internet gambling will be legalized and regulated and this will all go away.