• Utah’s Stand on Online Casinos

    29 December 2008


    Utah feels that regulations of online gambling should be left up to each state and not the Feds decision. They feel that federal acceptance would be an ominous event. State representative, Sheryl Allen is worried that US regulation, and with pacts with other countries would force Utah to allow online gambling.

    Utah Lawmakers along with Allen are considering, House Joint Resolution 1. This resolution asks the federal government to let each state decide on regulations. This would mean the lift of the UIGEA.

    As we know Utah does not allow any form of gambling, and that is why they are fighting for each state to have the authority to decide on its own whether to have and regulate online gambling. They want what the rest of the US people want, the right to decide whether to gamble online to be self-determination.

    I do not think anyone has the right to tell us what we can and can’t do in our own homes. Be it the State or the US government. This is a FREE country after all!