• Update on Grand Prive Investigation

    18 December 2009


    Here is what is happening with the investigation.

    17 December 2009 – The audit team continues to receive and assess claims in connection with the the above and the investigation is on track.

    The eCOGRA team has noted affiliate concerns regarding the lack of communications reach of affiliate representative bodies and webmasters, and Grand Privé management has consequently decided the following:

    That the communications exercise be expanded by emailing all affiliates who had active players on the Program’s records during the 3 months prior to 1 December 2008 when the Program closed.

    That the deadline for submission of claims be extended to 31st December 2009.

    Our mandate has therefore been amended accordingly, and the expanded communications exercise has commenced. Our investigation will also include confirming the accuracy and completeness of the database list of emails used in the expanded communications exercise.