• Sacramento Tribal Casino Lavish Rewards for Repeat Players

    20 October 2009


    Patrons of tribal casinos in the Sacramento area are feeling the love and gratitude of the casinos. The casinos are offering regular customers, both small and high rollers, incentives to keep returning. Gifts are ranging from toaster ovens and visits to the buffet, to cars, trucks and cash, and everything in between.

    The freebies, called special rewards club programs, are competitive and geared to bring back the regular players who are most likely to keep returning. With today’s economy, the casinos can no longer assume that their players will just keep returning. So they are showered with free gifts, coupons for free casino play, and even tickets to the casino shows. As the players wagering goes up, so do the rewards he/she gets. The status of the reward card they get offered goes up too. The bigger status the card, the bigger the gifts and freebies are.

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