• Online Gambling in Washington State Decriminalized

    25 April 2007


    Good News! Gambling online has been decriminalized in Washington State by a bill that has been passed swaying towards what State Representative Chris Strow was pushing back in January 2007.

    The first step towards allowing “online gambling in Washington”, was in the news on January 23, 2007 about Washington State House of Representative Chris Strow, the 10th District legislator whom introduced a bill to provide a defense towards the Class C Felony created by the 2006 internet gambling bill, where he says, “In-home recreational internet gaming shouldn’t be a felony.”

    Also in Chris Strow’s words were added, “There’s a certain point at which policy can be perceived as ‘nanny-stateish.’ I think we reached that point with last year’s legislation and I’m aiming to make amends.”

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