• Neteller Preformance 2008?

    22 January 2008


    Neteller will announce in March the results of its fourth quarter performance.

    Neteller, based in The Isle Of Man has been involved with the US Department Of Justice regarding alleged violations under the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) and made a final payment last week of $38.25 million as a deferred prosecution agreement.

    Neteller stated that $57.7 million of  its funds were seized by US authorities last year as instead of the  $60 million previously announced with the total amount paid in connection with the matter amounting to $136 million.

    Ron Martin, the Chief Executive Officer and President for Neteller. stated:
     “Considering the significant challenges that our company has faced during the past year, I am pleased with the performance of the business in 2007 and I am excited about the prospects for 2008.