• Minnesota State Rep. Introduces Bill to Stop Lawmakers from Blocking Gambling Domain Names

    06 May 2009


    It’s a relief that at least 1 person in Minnesota that has a bit of common sense. Rep. Pat Garofalo, (R-Farmington, MN), introduced a bill on Monday that will essentially bar the state of Minnesota from blocking (read: censoring) 200 online casino websites. I almost made a mistake and listed Mr. Garofalo as being a Dem., because it was shocking for me to see a Republican introduce a bill of this nature! Kudos to Mr. Garofalo.

    In my opinion, Minnesota’s plan was doomed from the start. Not only are quite a few of the domains they want to block are for non-US-Facing casinos, but there are also defunct, non-functioning, websites on that list, as well. Apparently somebody failed to do their homework, and should put on their dunce cap and move to the back of the class.

    Mr. Garofalo sums it all up when he said that The state “”has better things to do.” I concur.

    I wish states would stop this BS, and stop trying to take a page of censorship out of the playbook of other countries such as Iran, North Korea, etc.

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