• iMega’s Court Battle a Loss or Win?

    07 March 2008


    Today the US District Court in New Jersey dismissed a motion. This motion was brought by iMEGA that was seeking a temporary restraining order on the UIGEA. The complaint was brought against the US Attorney General, the Federal Trade Commission, and the Federal Reserve System. iMEGA was challenging the UIGEA on the grounds that the Bill violated the American’s civil rights. And that it also was being contrary to international treaty obligations.

    Judge Mary Cooper dismissed the complaint on the grounds, that it was not the courts role to judge a congressional act. Although, she recognized iMEGA’s standing to bring the complaint.

    Eric M. Bernstein, attorney for iMEGA, stated in a press release, presented this ruling as a victory!! He stated that Granting iMEGA standing was a major victory any way you look at it.

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