• Brick and Mortar Casinos Have Strong Interest in Online Gambling

    30 June 2006


    When talking about a physical casino property such as MGM Mirage or Harrah’, you’ll sometimes hear them called brick and mortar casinos or land based casinos. No matter what name you use, the talk lately is the possible intervention of the physical properties in online gambling. Let’s face it, they’ve already got a step up on regulating the online arena, having been through the stages of government intervention and regulation. It just makes sense that the gambling industry, which is already a well established and strictly monitored business, should now show an interest in and stake a claim on the fastest growing, highly profitable business of online gambling.

    This action would regulate online gambling and once legalized, it’s taxable! And they won’t have to build the first casino to do it. It’s a win / win proposition. Banning online gambling is not the answer. Regulating it is. And who better to handle this than the brick and mortar casino properties.