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    The mobile side of the online casino industry has seen more and more steam behind it each year for quite a while, and Winneroo Games is an example of the logical continuation of that. This is a mobile-specific site that is geared completely towards being able to take your play with you on the go. Unlike many other sites that simply have a mobile option in addition to their more traditional ways of connecting to play, the mobile option is the only option here. Whether that's a pro or a con is really up to the player, but it's probably good for the industry as a whole to have these types of options out there.

    Mobile Software

    The software for this casino site is provided by Probability. This company has been running since back in 2003, and they are listed on the London Stock Exchange, so it's clear that they are very much legitimate. Their software is designed to run on mobile devices running both iOS and Android, and other smartphones and tablets can run the software on a case-by-case basis. This covers the vast majority of mobile devices available in today's market, which makes them a viable option for virtually anyone who has a smartphone, tablet or other device that's been released inside of the past several years.

    It's very important to realize that there is no computer-based option for playing at this online casino, so you'll want to make sure that you have a compatable mobile device that you intend to continue playing with for however long you plan on staying at this particular site.

    Online Slot Selection

    The video slots provided by Probability fall along the quality-over-quantity approach. There are a couple of dozen games in this genre, and they do not offer classic slots. However, they do have two progressives available for players who have the mentality of "swinging for the fences," but they also have titles with a lower level of volatility as well. It's obvious that their selection isn't as wide as a lot of the competition, but it doesn't really need to be with how much they focus on the quality of their slots and their mobile interface. It's a bit different as far as philosophies and approaches to running an online casino go, but there are plenty of players who would love the experience despite how different it is.

    Table Game Options

    The selection of online table games at Winneroo Games is definitely limited. As far as traditional table games go, your selection will consist of blackjack, American roulette and European roulette. We would have personally liked to have seen some video poker or Baccarat options here instead of two versions of roulette, the American version of which very few players will enjoy because of how it's common knowledge that European roulette is essentially the exact same game with a slightly better chance of winning.

    As far as other non-slot titles go, they also have a bingo game that can give players something a little different from the normal table game offering, but it doesn't really take the focus off of how thin their table game selection is as a whole.

    Payments and Cashier

    While they do not have an overwhelming number of banking options, they do have the most popular credit cards available along with a handful of other options, and that means that virtually everyone will be able to jump right in when it comes to depositing and cashing out. This selection of payment options includes MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, Solo, Paysafecard vouchers and PayPal, in addition to a few others. Their reputation for paying out reliably isn't really disputed anywhere with any claims otherwise, and their license is in good standing, so it's reasonable to say that players can trust having their funds here.

    Customer Service

    As this is a mobile casino, you'd expect a telephone-based support option, and you'll get that here. You'll also have an email option, which works well in today's smartphone- and tablet-based mobile environment. However, there is no live chat option, which we would have really liked to see, though it's probably difficult to talk someone through how to fix an issue on their phone while they're typing to you on your phone. Along those lines, we do understand where they're coming from on that. With that having been said, they do have 24/7/365 support.


    Winneroo Games has an attractive website and interface, but their game selection is extremely limited. That's really the crux of the issue for this casino and why a lot of players might not stay that interested in them. It's great to see sites breaking out of the mold of what's expected in an online casino today because that's how we see growth and new ideas take shape, but they're going to have to really offer something different to appeal to players who can just as easily play with hundreds of high-quality titles via mobile at sites that use games from multiple software providers.

    By Jesse Eddleman