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    Playtech Craps

    The Playtech Craps game features 3x odds, is available for real or free money, and can be played via download or Flash. It is not open to US Players.

    If the words, “place”, “proposition”, “buy” or “lay” are foreign to you, don’t place a single bet until you’ve read through our Craps pages.  Don’t let the casinos get more of an edge on your play—learn everything from what to bet, when to bet, and how to bet on craps in our “How to Play Craps” pages. Don't place bets without knowing the odds.  Luck can only carry you so far!  
    Minimum bet is $1 (or whatever currency you are using). Each casino determines maximum bets and table limits.

    Since 1999, Playtech has been a leading force in the online gaming industry. It is the software platform behind the popular iPoker network and was one of the first in the industry to use licensed movie brands for games (Playtech’s claims to fame are Paramount’s Gladiator and The Untouchables). High-definition graphics and live dealers are two trademarks of Playtech.

    Playtech Craps Features

    Not all Craps tables are created equal, and that can certainly be said of the Playtech Craps table. Aside from being crisp and well animated, here are some of the features you can expect:

    • Roll History: A log of current and previous bets (both won and lost) is charted on the screen so you can keep track of all bets placed.
    • Oversized Dice: This adds a bit of whimsy to an otherwise realistic-looking Playtech Craps table. The large dice are fun to watch and even easier to see.
    • A great deal of attention went into making the game as realistic as possible (aside from the jumbo dice). You’ll have the ability to adjust reality, however, if you don’t want to hear the Dealer’s voice or the casino-esque sound effects.
    • While Playtech features live dealers on several of its games, you don’t find one at the Craps table—at least not yet.

    Playtech Craps Odds

    • The Playtech Craps field pays double for both 2’s and 12’s.
    • Whether you “Pass” or “Don’t Pass”, “Come” or  “Don’t Come”, a 3x odds applies.
    • Playtech offers “buy” and “lay” bets.
    • Payouts on proposition bets are better than some other software platforms, paying out 10:1 on hard threes and fours as well as 8:1 on hard fives and twos.


    The game may take a few seconds to load, please do not be discouraged by a black screen.
    Patience is key!