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    Three Card Poker with WagerWorks software, you will have three ways to play, four ways to win, and a Squeeze button which allows a player to have the cards dealt face-down! And those three ways to play are; you can bet on the outcome of the three-card hand, try to beat the dealer’s hand, or play both ways at the same time.

    Three Card Poker is a very popular land-based casino game, because it's easy to learn, fast-paced, has smaller betting limits, and it's fun for both the amateur and professional poker player.

    Three Card online poker by WagerWorks has its betting limits ranging from 1 to 500 credits on Ante, as well as the Pair Plus bet and the option of placing a Play bet once the cards are dealt; which will equal the amount of the Ante bet.

    If the player makes an Ante bet and chooses to play against the dealer by placing a Play bet in the regular version of Three Card Poker, the dealer’s hand is revealed.

    When the dealer makes a qualified hand with a Queen or higher in Three Card Poker, the best hand wins. If the player wins the best hand, they will win 1 to 1 on their Ante bet and 1 to 1 on their Play bet, if not, all bets are lost to the dealer.

    If the dealer is not dealt a qualifying hand; the player will win 1 to 1 on their Ante bet and the Play bet is returned in Three Card Poker by WagerWorks. The player can also win an Ante Bonus award (according to the Ante Bonus pay table) if they place an Ante and a Play bet before the dealer’s hand is revealed, and when the player’s hand is big enough for an award.

    For a little added excitement; select the "Squeeze" button. This will deal your cards face down, at which time you can then turn them over one at a time in any order by selecting them. Note; the "Squeeze" button will not change the game's method of play or rules.

    Players also have one more option in Three Card Poker by WagerWorks, and that's by placing a "Pair Plus" bet before the cards are dealt; if a pair is dealt, the player will be paid according to the Pair Plus pay table. What's nice about this option is the fact the player can make the plus bet without an ante bet.

    When folding a hand in Three Card online poker, players forfeit the Pair Plus side bet and any awards. But if the player places a Three Card poker Ante bet in addition to the Pair Plus bet, they must also place a Play bet to be eligible for a Pair Plus that may be awarded.

    Three Card Poker is the easiest way to play online poker!