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    Live Dealer Poker features timed bets, a real dealer, and a bonus bet based on the values of your original cards, this real dealer online poker game is as exciting as it is easy to play! Get in on a live online poker game with Lucky Live’s 5-card poker game.

    Wagering in the live dealer online poker game is easy, just select your chip size and place it on the Ante Bet. Table limits will be established in the block next to the video feed screen (in my case it was 1.00 to 25.00). There will be no “Deal” button because the game will begin with your bet or without it.

    Placing a wager in the live dealer poker bonus bet section, above the Ante bet, will payout fairly handsomely if you come across one of the following hands with your original five cards; if you have to exchange a card, the bonus bet is off:

    • A straight pays €50 in bonus cash.
    • A Flush pays €100.
    • A Full House bestows €200.
    • A Four-of-a-Kind grants you €800.
    • A Straight Flush awards an additional €1500.
    • A Royal Flush pays out €5000.

    These payouts are for bonus cash only and do not determine the efforts of the rest of the game.

    There are some tweaks you should be aware of before playing Lucky Live’s 5-card poker. In this particular game, the player is dealt 6 cards; five cards are face-up and one card is face down.

    The Face Down card is one exchange card available to the player, and it is available to switch with any one card in the hand. All of the Dealer cards except for one will be dealt face down.

    As far as Live Dealer Poker payouts are concerned, the pay table starts with just One Pair, at 1:1 odds, and goes until a Royal Flush, at 100:1 odds. The full pay table is available in the help menu.

    Adding the dimension of a live dealer and time-constricted play can heighten the game for many online poker players who are weary of the online poker experience. And having something to watch besides cards on a screen like with live dealer online poker is certainly a nice touch.