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    At last, blackjack like you learned to play at home! Super Fun 21 by Microgaming uses one blessed deck of 52 cards (full deck minus the joker). It’s reshuffled after each game, but you can maintain some sense of finite possibilities while each game lasts!

    In Super Fun 21, a players blackjack (aka a 2-card “21”) always defeats a Dealer’s blackjack, the Dealer always stands on 17 (soft or hard), and it features bonus games for better payouts. Increase your winnings when you get the following:

    • A Diamond blackjack: If both cards are of the diamond suit, your payout goes from 3:2 to 2:1.
    • A six-card hand that totals 20 or less. All those little bitty cards equals an automatic win.
    • A six(plus)-card 21: Get paid 2:1 when your parade of cards equals 21 with 6 cards or more.

    In Super Fun 21, you can split unlike pairs of a 10 value (for example, you can split a King of Hearts and a  10 of Spades). You can split up to three times for a total of 4 hands of cards.

    Super Fun 21 even allows you to re-split Aces. Doubling Down is permitted on any two initial cards, just note that you aren’t eligible for the bonus games once doing so.

    Super Fun 21 offers two escape routes if needed: late surrender and insurance. Surrender, in this game, is available even after you’ve doubled down. Insurance, however, is not.

    Maximum bet at this SuperFun 21 is a whopping 1,000 credits, but don’t let that intimidate you-you can play with dollar bills, too.

    Microgaming offers you several ways to relax and play blackjack without a lot of stress and over-analysis. In “Expert” mode, you can set it to “auto-play” which will determine the best way to approach each hand using a customized (by you) strategy table.

    There’s even a way to grasp how you’ve been playing and what your winning percentage is. Research yourself at one of our recommended Microgaming casinos today.